Evolv AI started in 2019 and is the result of a technology spin off from a company that spent the better part of decade as an AI research and development firm. That team incubated some innovative algorithms which we now include as a building block in Evolv AI’s machine learning-driven platform.

The company delivers a total solution including defining the client’s experimentation and personalization strategy, generating a constant source of new ideas to be explored, and leveraging our proprietary machine learning algorithms, in order to serve progressively better customer experiences and find the best customer journey. 

Evolv AI supercharges the traditional experimentation process by delivering greater uplift and deeper insights faster and with less traffic. We go way beyond the basics of A/B and multivariate testing (MVT) tools by also applying automation and providing insights-packed analytics.

Evolv AI combines experimentation and personalization into an automated experience optimization platform that learns over time and delivers results by discovering, validating, and exploiting hidden opportunities for uplift—all faster than can be done manually or with traditional testing tools.

The company has become a key partner for clients in industries including communications and media, retail and e-commerce, consumer financial services, and travel. They proudly work with companies such as AT&T, Bouygues Telecom, Rakuten, and SAP.

Evolv Experience Optimization platform continuously finds better ways to connect with customers and improves marketing economics.


Our partnership

Morean partnership with Evolv is based on a team augmentation model, focusing on front end engineers and QA helping scale to assist their projects and customers. 

Created frond end UI optimizations with javascript for multiple clients.
(WIP) Creating a custom compiler for optimizing the creation of projects.
(WIP) Creating a set of libraries for native implementation of the optimizations.


Javascript and Typescript