Truckbase provides software tools for small trucking companies that helps them succeed, saving time and improving operations. Thinking on the trucker first, it’s easy to use SaaS provides a financial dashboard, rate calculator, calendar, one click dispatch and uploading documents needed.

Truckbase is backed by Boundless venture studio, which specializes in the next generation of vertical SaaS companies and the leaders within them with dedicated teams of engineers, designers and growth professionals.

Our partnership

Morean partnership with Truckbase is based on a team augmentation model, focusing on front end development. Atomic design for components, ITCSS, BEM, Context API for managing state, Jest and React testing library for unit tests.

We started the project with scalability and quality in mind. The app is a PWA focused on desktop users, but during development we work towards a fully responsive experience. Building from small components to more complex UI composition, using styled Material UI components to guarantee smooth animations, accessibility and clean interactions. Project features include Integration with Google Maps to search and save locations and display trip routes, a board with drag and drop interaction to change load status easily, upload of documents and photos and the ability to share any trip sheet preview via email or sms, as well as exporting it to a single PDF including all its documents and photos.



Material UI