Variner is a search firm dedicated to discovering best in class intellectual capital in both conventional and unconventional channels. We believe human capital is the differentiating factor in our clients’ success, and are resolute in our approach to identify this talent. We partner with mid-market principal investing firms, growth equity funds, family offices, and corporate M&A/Venture teams to help identify and qualify investment professionals that are well suited for their investment style and culture.

Our Team

Morean partnership with Variner is in a consulting and Project Outsourcing model, helping in platform requirements analysis development. Our partnership aims to improve not only their mobile application but also their website, making better both the front-end and back-end experiences. At Morean, we collaborate closely with Variner’s IT team, taking advantage of our expertise to propose cutting-edge best practices and key features. 



  1. Deep Integration with Bullhorn: Variner seamlessly integrates with Bullhorn, leveraging its functionalities and data to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  2. Enhanced and User-Friendly Interface: Variner offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, improving the overall user experience compared to the standard Bullhorn interface.
  3. Candidate Drawer with Side Panels: Visualize extensive candidate information through side panels, allowing quick access to details such as skills, work experience, placement history, and more, without the need for multiple windows or tabs.
  4. Powerful Candidate Filters: Variner provides customizable filters for candidate tables, enabling precise searches and segmentation based on criteria such as skills, location, experience, education level, placement status, and more. These advanced filters facilitate efficient candidate selection.
  5. Advanced Search Capabilities: Variner enhances Bullhorn’s search capabilities, allowing users to perform detailed and accurate searches. Users can combine specific criteria with filters to obtain relevant results and expedite the candidate selection process.
  6. Data Visualization and Analytics: Variner offers graphical representations of important parameters, such as call duration with candidates. These visualizations provide quick insights and enable users to analyze data more efficiently.
  7. Improved Usability: In addition to the mentioned features, Variner enhances usability with smoother navigation, drag-and-drop functionality for easy candidate management, real-time data visualization, and increased customization of the user interface.
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  • ReactJS
  • NodeJs
  • Github
  • GCP